The next 10 weeks

This is a summary of my next 10 weeks of the Facebook #dogwood52 photo challenge. Week 21 Artistic: Fantasy I had in mind here to practise my photoshop skills with compositing and a grungy background. All photos were made by… Continue Reading →

Am I a birdwatcher?

Chantal, pinch me! Am I dreaming that we’re cycling in Europe? Bike lanes and separated bike-ways everywhere. Motorists giving us lots of room, smiling and waving, instead of dirty looks and fingers. Wow, where are we? Not in Europe, in… Continue Reading →

Will make photos for food

I’ve been asked if I try to sell my photos, and I always answer “No, I do photography and blogging for fun only’”. It’s like most hobbies, in my case guitar, electronic circuit design, then computer programming, starts out fun,… Continue Reading →

Kensington Pedestrian Sunday

As a photographer and humanitarian (I say that with a BIG 😉 WINK) , I love nothing better than a street festival. When the street is closed off to vehicle traffic, people are different. They smile more, less stressed, more… Continue Reading →

Living Above the 45

A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me what happened to my #dogwood52 photo challenge. “What!? I’ve been keeping up to date every week.” Then I realized that she’s not on Facebook, so she wouldn’t see the weekly… Continue Reading →

Flirting is our national sport!

“What?!”, I asked Alain, our photography guide for the day, “I thought soccer was the national sport of Cuba.” “Actually,” he replied, “it’s baseball, but flirting is a close second!” I had hired Alain Gutierrez as a photography guide for… Continue Reading →

1 roll of 400 ASA B&W film… $9.99

… Develop and digitally scan the film… $20,     …Pentax ME SLR camera (circa 1974)… priceless!   It was back to the past at so many levels on this cold, windy Good Friday at the religious procession in Little Italy.  … Continue Reading →

March break isn’t just for kids!

Today Chantal and I went out with my son-in-law and 2 grand-daughters to the Art Gallery of Hamilton where we saw an exhibition of the Beaver Hall Group. A modernist group in Montreal in the 1920’s era, I especially enjoyed… Continue Reading →

First 10 Weeks

As many of you know, I had a hip replacement operation in November, and although the recovery’s been easy, it was tough being holed up in the house for 6 weeks, then with limited mobility after that. Thinkin’ stir-crazy! But… Continue Reading →

Some old negatives I found from 1969-70

Yesterday, at a pool party, music seemed to be the main theme, especially since Ihor and Tomas were there. We got to talking about old stuff and the 1970 Festival Express, which was the aftermath of Woodstock, came up. Well,… Continue Reading →

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