… Develop and digitally scan the film… $20,     …Pentax ME SLR camera (circa 1974)… priceless!


Jesus with modern day Centurians

Jesus with modern day Centurians

It was back to the past at so many levels on this cold, windy Good Friday at the religious procession in Little Italy.







I was with the Meetup group “Rangefinder Documentary Shooters“. Most photographers in this group shoot with film, and I was finally seduced to try this. I had forgotten what it’s like to have only 36 shots and wait for at least 4 days before you can view. No chimping allowed today!

ME_160329_2-27 ME_160329_2-26






There are over 200,000 photos uploaded to Facebook every minute, not to mention Yahoo, Instagram and many others. With that many pixels floating around the “ether”, it feels a little overwhelming to wait 4 days to get my 8 lonely images loaded, but maybe that’s the beauty of the whole thing. I have to say, though, that when I shoot digital, I pretend to have only 36 shots and turn off the instant replay (only chimping occasionally). Forces me to think a little more of what I’m doing, and also less of a mess to clean up later, if that makes sense.

Anyway, back to the Good Friday Procession. There are a lot of people participating in this and you could see the ME_160329_2-28exuberant preparation that takes place. The actors display emotion and passion, but don’t mind getting their photos taken. The parade staging takes place at Saint Francis of Assisi Church, then heads south on Grace Street. There can be more than 100,000 spectators lined up along the streets to watch the parade, which has been going on for about 30 years.


I recently watched The Godfather, Part 1, for the umpteenth time, and in my mind I was trying to compare the procession to Michael’s marriage parade in Sicily. But that didn’t work… no guys standing around with “Luparas” (sawed-off shotguns) and thank God… no cars blown up… just a lot pf photographers, and a lot of other guys, without Luparas, standing around.


This lady was very serious, but let me take her picture. When I told her “beautiful!”, she broke out in a lovely smile.


Guys standing around









By the way, the guy with the camera at the top of this blog is my friend, Rob, who’s the group organizer.

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