This is my latest adventure with the Metropolitan Investigators. The old Barber paper mill on the Credit River in Georgetown. This was originally established in 1823 by a United Empire Loyalist, and was operating right up to about 25 years ago.

Very beautiful, with the constant sounds of the river, it now lies in ruins, awaiting the jack-hammers of the condoists. This site is featured in the Ghost Towns of Canada website.

We had to get there before they knock it down, and it was really enjoyable. By the way, these photos were shot with my brand new Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens on my Pentax K-X.

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Happy Dick

Bird on the roof

Mickey Mouse

An explorer at rest

What have I done?

The Wall

Long way down



Spooky corridor

The Metropolitan Investigators

New life amongst decay

8 Notes


Stairway to nowhere

Canadian flag

No thanks! Not down there!

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