This is my latest adventure with the Metropolitan Investigators. The plant that went up on a tract of bayfront farmland in 1919 is still there, off Burlington East, between Kenilworth and Strathearne. By the 1970s, 2,000 workers produced 10,000 tires a day at that plant. It was eventually shut down in 1988. Now it’s just an old empty hulk, but lots of things to photograph.

The City of Hamilton, which is aware of the many Urbex adventures at this location, is planning to demolish the building, but for now, the hulk remains for us explorers. It wasn’t easy finding a way in, but we found a door with a broken latch on the west side of the building. This was the first site I’ve explored with no graffiti, so it must be well guarded.

This is not far from where I grew up, and a good friend of mines’ father worked here for 30 years. So Brenda, I hope your dad enjoys the shots when you send him the link.

[Click on any photo for the slideshow. Please leave comments at the bottom of the page]

We were welcomed by the colonel. No chicken, though!

Trying to find a way in.

Hamilton garden scene

Barbie just loves being under the spotlights

Couldn’t get in here 🙁

Metropolitan explorer

Office chair without a desk

On the roof

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