With no winter or spring skiing, and no anything, really, I managed to keep myself busy by joining a 52 week photography group, called 52Frames. Each week it’s a different challenge and you have to make the shot in that week only. The challenge name or category is in brackets behind each photo caption below. You also have to write why you made the shot.

So here are my favourites so far, with the scribblings that I made to go along with each photo.

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[Note that to read my scribblings, you have to scroll down on this page. The slideshow doesn’t show this text, only the photo captions.]

Stepping into the unknown – 2021 (get low)



     Stepping into the unknown – 2021

The future can have many cracks or crevices and stepping into it can be a little intimidating, especially this 2nd year of the pandemic.




The Bridge (leading lines)


     The Bridge
We need to build bridges between us. There have been too many walls built recently.



The Storm (horizon lines)


     The Storm

Wandering through the gale of life
Disoriented at the edge of time
Tilted and alone I feel
Hoping that the storm subsides

– for Bell Mental Health Day (Let’s Talk)



The Stand (single focal point)

     The Stand

When you have to take a stand
And they say that you don’t fit in
Like a broken piece of a puzzle
And then you say a little prayer
Hoping that you have strength within
Knowing that the choice you took
Is looked upon, as a sin



Kim’s Convenience (colour relationship)



     Kim’s Convenience






The Woman in the Window (window light)

     The Woman in the Window

I saw the woman in the window
Hidden behind the shades
Corduroy patterns o’er her skin
Created landscape of cascades

I tried to look the other way
But something held me there
A magical mystical hold on me
I couldn’t help but stare

And so I made this photograph
Is one I hope to keep
Her beauty and her depth within
To dream about as I sleep



Lady and her dog (slow shutter)


     Lady and her dog





Where am I? (fast shutter)


     Where am I?

I feel that I’m neither here nor there.





Trapped (trapped)


Trapped in my mind
Trapped in my skin
Looking for a way
To expose the creativity within

Explore what is out there
Explore what is hidden
Chase the bird flying
And explore that is forbidden





Caroliniana (nature)


On a path in the woods
I come upon a tiny flower
Smaller than my pinky nail
I stop and look and ponder

To be hidden in the undergrowth
Surrounded by stems and weeds
How can it possibly survive this world
And even reproduce some seeds

Its beauty and fragility
Proverbial candle in the wind
But its strength and its resilience
Ensures that it will withstand


Felt (fabric)








Ten fifty-three (ISO 100)

     Ten fifty-three

Is she late for a meeting or is she trying to hurry for a tabooed, anti-lockdown, noon-time sexual encounter, hoping she’ll be on time?

Time is such a blur.



The Blush (red)

The Blush

Red as a glass of wine
A drop on your red sweet lips
Hearts quicken, pulse rates rise
Your skin, Oh so fine

The clothes come off quick
Flesh against steamy flesh
I gently feel your lips
And taste your lipstick