Maybe I’m just getting old, but is it just me, or has this been a really cold winter? Hey, I’m a skier and a snowshoer and I find myself starting to complain about this winter. 14 inches of ice on the Credit River in March — what’s this global warmed planet coming to?


Ice fishing hut on the Credit River


I was just leaving my office at the Port Credit Starbucks, walked over to the river to get my car, and noticed some people walking on the frozen river. So I wandered over and noticed a tent structure right in the middle of the river. Walking up to the structure, a woman inside called out, “Do you want a coffee?”. Well, I just finished my 4th for the day, and certainly didn’t need any more jet fuel, but I admit, it was tempting to take up the offer and crawl in there with her.


Sharon (not her real name) having a coffee


FIshing through a hole in 14 inch thick ice


Turns out that this is a portable ice fishing hut, owned by Ozzy and Sharon (not their real names). I asked Sharon if I could open the zippered door and take some shots inside. She said no problem. I didn’t have my “real” camera, but as Chase Jarvis said “The best camera is the one you have with you.”, so I pulled out my Sony smartphone and took a few shots. Of course, I know people who think that anything digital isn’t a “real” camera, and you have to shoot with a Leika M6, but that’s another story.

Then Ozzy showed up and we had a nice chat. He mostly ice fishes up at Lake Simcoe, but today he was trying to catch some trout for tonight’s dinner. He’s a little younger than me and graduated from Sheridan College just a few years after I was finished at Mohawk College, so he’s another 60’s child. Maybe I should have called them John and Yoko instead of Ozzy and Sharon.


Ozzy (not his real name)


So after I left Ozzy, I just walked around a bit, and realized that after living in Port Credit for almost 20 years, it was very strange to be walking on the river for the first time. I’ve walked on a lake, and even jumped into a hole in an ice covered lake, but never walked on a river, with all the ducks, geese and pidgeons. And this right in the middle of Canada’s 7th largest city.

S_150307_0205 S_150307_0204

I find that it’s hard to get out and shoot when it’s really cold, but when an opportunity like today comes up, you have to make the most of it – and that’s what winter is all about.

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