This is the 1st outing of an exiting new club I’m in, which is involved in “Urban Exploring”, a topic that has fascinated me for the last few years (Wikipedia definition). See also A Worker’s Paradise

Our club is called the Metropolitan Investigators.

Click here to visit the album of our 1st outing, which was a secret location in Toronto. I’ve done a little bit of this before, but this is the first time with a larger group. They are very nice people, and very good photographers, even though they like crawling around in mouldy and dangerous places with headlamps.

[Click on any photo for the slideshow. Please leave comments at the bottom of the page]

Entrance through service tunnel

Barbie was having fun!

A little scary at first

Barbie working on her tan… nice view of the city.

What next?

Always a party girl!

Cigarette package collection

Pink boots glow in the dark

Tunnel view

Tunnel view

Barbie admiring the art

Beautiful light

Didn’t encounter any real dogs.

Test tube baby

This was once a very elegant staircase

Up the staircase


Lost and forgotten lovers

Toronto through the stained glass

Queen of the mould!

Bye Bye!

The Metropolitan Investigators

Finally … made it out of there!

Old ad

I see a ghost!

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