Life After “Likes”

I recently got an email invitation to attend a webinar in person at 500px, which is on Duncan Street, Toronto. The title of the event was ”Life After Likes: Falling Back in Love with Photography” and addressed social media concerns… Continue Reading →

Baby it’s cold outside…

…Damn cold, -15 -20°C cold, and snow blizzards too. This January’s been so cold, I almost froze my fingers off walking around, making photos. But being a true Canadian trooper, I had to get out, and even though extreme cold,… Continue Reading →

Strange Happenings

When I was on my Arctic Expedition cruise in August, one night I was laying in bed, reading, when I started feeling a strange vibration. At first I thought it was from the ship’s engines, but it seemed too repetitive…. Continue Reading →

Kensington Pedestrian Sunday

As a photographer and humanitarian (I say that with a BIG 😉 WINK) , I love nothing better than a street festival. When the street is closed off to vehicle traffic, people are different. They smile more, less stressed, more… Continue Reading →

A Day in the life

No, not John Lennon, just me! And I’m not comparing myself to John, but it’s been rather boring lately and I’m reminded of the song. Anyway, things are changing, as I had an interesting time today, and met a few… Continue Reading →

Toronto Contact Photography Festival

Last night I attended the Vistek Fine Art Digital Printing with John Paul Caponigro at Ryerson University. John is a very successful visual artist exhibiting and teaching digital photography and digital printing workshops. This lecture was all about ink-jet printing… Continue Reading →

Younge/ Dundas Square

I’ve been spending a lot of time studying photography, especially street photography, been following Eric Kim and will actually be attending one of his workshops next month in Chicago. He has written quite a few eBooks, which are available on… Continue Reading →

Toronto Markets

A group of us from Rangefinder Documentary Shooters Meetup group  visited St Lawrence and Kensington Markets in December.

Santa Claus Parade

Rob and I went to the Santa Claus Parade this year for the Rangefinder Documentary Shooters Meetup group.

My visit at 500px.com

Today, I had a chance to visit the head office of 500px.com. This is through a Meetup Group and although I thought it would be testing their new products, it was mostly an interview for market research, which I really… Continue Reading →

Kensington Village Pedestrian Sunday

This is an annual event that I just recently heard about. Has to be one of the most interesting street festivals I’ve ever attended. Lots of food, entertainment and interesting people. [Click on any photo for the slideshow. Please leave… Continue Reading →

Marihuana March May 2013

This was the 15th annual Marijuana March from Queen’s Park and is basically a protest march to legalize pot. Good idea, eh? I heard about this in one of those free Toronto papers and thought I just had to go…. Continue Reading →

Lady Sings The Blues in The Silver Dollar Room

I saw Irene Torres & The Sugar Devils blues band at The Silver Dollar Room last night, where she performed her Billy Holiday tribute. Fabulous singer and band. I’ve never been to New Orleans, but I think that they would… Continue Reading →

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