The mysterious, dark stranger walked into the gloomy, decrepit apartment hallway, where he was supposed to have a secret meeting with an informer. But when the dog didn’t show up, he carefully stepped forward through the corridor.

Suddenly, he heard a creaking sound ahead on the ancient, desiccated floor. He sensed unseen movement somewhere in the space beyond, which made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. Fearing the worst, he drew his weapon, and waited in anticipation.

Then, a door opened and a shapely leg emerged, leading the way to a long, slit skirt. The sultry lady sauntered over, and placed her bright, red nailed finger on the tip of the gun barrel, drawing it towards the floor.

He asked, “What are you doing here?”

And in a smoky Lauren Bacall voice she replied hungrily, “Let me give ya a tip. I’m a sure thing. OK? So, I’m on an hourly rate. Could we just move it along?”


The photos below are mostly from my 52frames project, with another few just thrown in. The challenges are in brackets after each caption. The sultry dame’s quote is actually from Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”. The Dark Stranger story above is from week 28 (Silhouette). Every week has a poem or an extensive story, but I chose to only include the photo title.

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Week 28. The Encounter (Silhouette)

Week 21. Woman on the train (Inspired by a photographer)

Week 23. Street Photography is (Triangular composition)

Week 27. Ripples (Negative Space)


Week 29. Not Common (Common Object)

Week 31. Red Beach (Choose a colour)

Week 33. The Forest Nymph (Water)

Week 34. The Beach (Peace)

Invasion of the…

Week 35. Wifework (Edited by someone else)

Young girl on the beach

Week 36. Hot Summer Nights (Golden Hour)

Sunset wheels

Week 37. Alberto (Portrait of a Stranger)

Two girls and a rock

525 degrees

Week 38. Magic Light (One light source)

Week 39. Reflections (Letters)