I woke up, Saturday morning, with a strange tingling feeling. At first I thought it was my new Fitbit vibrating or maybe some mystical after-effect from my morning Yoga with Adriene sessions. But that wasn’t it. I realized that it was coming from my hip.

My artificial titanium hip.

And it wasn’t just a simple vibration; it seemed to have a code. It had intelligence. It was happening again.

I thought about my previous vibrating hip occurrences; see strange happenings and mysterious circles but today it seemed stronger and more local.

It seemed to be pulling me, so I got up, grabbed my camera, and took off in my car. It was pulling me eastward along Lakeshore Drive. It was getting stronger and it seemed to be drawing me towards Humber Bay.

I parked and started walking towards the point at Humber Bay East Park. This is at the mouth of the Humber River, Toronto. And the vibration was getting stronger, pulling me.

Then I came upon a knoll and the vibration suddenly stopped. There were people standing around, looking at something. I didn’t want to get too close, because of Covid, and also possible radiation poisoning, so I walked around the bluff and there was a man squatted down with his hands in the mud. What was he doing there?

HI told me that just a few minutes ago there was a large monolith at this spot and it just vanished into thin air. He could still feel a strange vibration in his right arm, but it was fading fast. He told me his name was Arian, and he was pulled here from his home all the way at north Etobicoke. He had an artificial titanium elbow from a previous skiing accident. I told him about my hip and we wondered and discussed if there were others like us – the cult of strange vibrations.

Later I found this article mysterious monolith in toronto

I believe that they’ve arrived!


Miscellaneous photos over this winter.

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the knoll


The monolith (not my photo)

middle road bridge

middle road bridge

colonel samuel smith park

colonel samuel smith park

stairway to…


Border is closed for 28 more days (at least)

Old Mill bridge – Humber River

We The North

Princess Gate

The Hounds of York (sounds like a movie)

Credit River

The wire


Port Credit sunrise

anonymous call