Shadow of the Windmills

We recently cycled from Bruges, Belgium to Amsterdam. Extreme headwind, cold weather and rain, but it was a very nice ride. (go figure, eh?). We then flew to Budapest and took a river cruise back to Amsterdam, but that’s a… Continue Reading →

16 weeks

Skiing is finished in Ontario, pouring rain outside, but lots of photography happening with 52frames. Here are my first 16 weeks of 2024, along with my mumblings. [Click on any photo for the slideshow. Please leave comments at the bottom… Continue Reading →

Eat, Drink, Shred

Websters definition: Shred: to cut or tear (something) into shreds.      Example: shredded the documents Skiers definition: Ya know, like, carve’n up the pow, ya know? Not much “pow” (powder), but lots of “wow” on this High Park Ski Club… Continue Reading →

A Woman Screams!

Inciting the tall, dark stranger to draw his weapon and slip into the dark corridor holding his mini-Maglite. The floor was slippery with some kind of slime. As slippery as snail sex. He lost his balance and slipped and fell,… Continue Reading →

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions

I recently read an article from a newsletter I follow that talked about reframing your identity as a whole, instead of just hoping for a better version of yourself based on a New Year’s resolution. For a January 1 resolution,… Continue Reading →

We were young

Carve-turn to carve-turn We ski No promises No demands We were strong Love is a mountain [from “Love is a Battlefield” – Pat Benatar] These were the first words that stunned me as I was looking through my archives and… Continue Reading →

Thoughts of my Ancestors

No, Spidey is not one of them, but I just finished watching the miniseries “Sisi” and couldn’t get this show out of my mind. It’s about Empress Elizabeth of Austria (Sisi, 1837 – 1898 ) who was married to Emperor… Continue Reading →

The Streets of Portugal

Street photography is a genre of photography that records everyday life in public places. Featuring candid and un-posed moments of people, it is a form of documentary photography that reveals something about the character and the context of the scene…. Continue Reading →

Portugal by Bike

Portugal has a very early and rich history of exploration. One of the first countries to have ships sailing out into the open sea, Portuguese explorers were the first to sail around Africa and circumnavigate the globe. We decided to… Continue Reading →

July 30, 2003

20 years ago, I dropped my $21.50 and attended the SARS concert at Downsview Park, Toronto. Recent story of this concert in the Toronto Star. I was working close to here at the time, so I just walked over. Half-million… Continue Reading →

Ontario Ghost Towns

As we visited some ghost towns on our latest camping trip I wondered if the columnist for the Toronto Star just had to get an article in for his deadline. This was an article that pulled me into this excursion… Continue Reading →

More Frames

This is my recent batch of posts to 52frames, my weekly photo challenge. I do these kinds of blog posts when I don’t have anything profound to say, or when I don’t have a fictional story in my mind that’ll… Continue Reading →

A Day at the Big Smoke

Street photography is one of the most challenging but at the same time one of the most rewarding genres of photography. – Elizabeth Gray, Vancouver I totally agree with that statement, and there’s no better place to practice, than “The… Continue Reading →

An Uneasy Rendez-vous

The downstairs bar was dark and foreboding. The joint was almost empty except for three men sitting at a table in a dark corner drinking beer, like the dogs in a Cassius Coolidge painting. They were watching a hockey game on… Continue Reading →

The Encounter

The mysterious, dark stranger walked into the downstairs bar and ordered his favourite whisky. “Leave the bottle,” he commanded. He caught the eye of the sultry lady sitting in the shadows across the room. She sauntered over and stood next… Continue Reading →

It’a About Time (Part 2)

This is for week 1: Self-Portrait. This is me with the Downer Flu. The doctors couldn’t figure out what I had (not Covid), so they called me “An Enigma”, and that’s what I titled this photo. *** [Click on any… Continue Reading →

It’s About Time

Yes, It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? …   The Kiddie Coaster There is an abandoned amusement park Close to where I live And every time I drive by I remember when I was a kid At the Burlington Beach Amusement… Continue Reading →

The Dark Stranger

The mysterious, dark stranger walked into the gloomy, decrepit apartment hallway, where he was supposed to have a secret meeting with an informer. But when the dog didn’t show up, he carefully stepped forward through the corridor. Suddenly, he heard… Continue Reading →

The Way Home (4)

After Sydney, we started heading west, towards home. We spent a few days in PEI, which I’m starting to think is our most beautiful province. 2 nights stay just outside Charlottetown so we could spend most of the day in… Continue Reading →

Sydney Ghosts (3)

The Whitney Pier neighbourhood of Sydney, where my father’s family lived, had a steel making facility since 1901. Coke ovens, used to distill coal down to coke, an essential ingredient for steel, have many toxic by-products, such as PCB’s. These… Continue Reading →

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