No, not John Lennon, just me! And I’m not comparing myself to John, but it’s been rather boring lately and I’m reminded of the song. Anyway, things are changing, as I had an interesting time today, and met a few people.

Starting out, I was invited to help test a new software release for with Tim. I can’t talk about what we did, but there was no pay, only freebees. I really like the 500px office. Maybe if I had worked in an office like that, I’d still be working. Hmmm… maybe not! But anyway, those days are long gone.

500px Office

500px Office

Then I went for a walk down Queen Street West, and what did I see, but an entertainment poster of a woman that looks exactly like a punked up version of my niece, Leigh. Heading back towards the east, I took the backstreet, which is quieter and you get the locals.

My niece Leigh - alter ego

My niece Leigh – alter ego





When I reached Nathan Phillips Square, the YOA Orchestra of the Americas, which is a youth philharmonic orchestra, were playing “Hallelujah”, written by Leonard Cohen, very beautifully. This is one of my favourite songs and I really liked the way K.D.Lang performed it at the Vancouver Olympics opening ceremonies. This song has always haunted me and it was in my head almost the whole time I cycled the Camino de Santiago across northern Spain in 2011.

Then I noticed that Mayor John Tory, was standing right beside me watching the show.

“Hi John,” I asked him, “you on your lunch break?”

“Yes, my office is right up there,” he replied, pointing up to the tower, “and I can always hear the rock bands, but I couldn’t hear this, so I came out. This is one of my favourite songs, and they’re doing it beautifully.”

“Lots of stuff happening around here with the Pan Am games, eh?”, I said.

“Yes,” he replied, “you should come here at night. It’s really crazy and we have fireworks.”

When a lot of people started coming around doing selfies with him, and I noticed a big guy in a black suit looking at me, I decided to take a few shots, then head out. But John is a very friendly guy, and as we share the same music love, I would vote for him if I lived in Toronto. And me and Mrs L are going to Nathan Phillips for the night action.

Mayor John Tory

Mayor John Tory



So the next stop was The Rex Jazz and Blues Tavern on Queen Street for lunch. As I was sitting there with my pint and sandwich, watching the guitar player, this older guy sat down at my table and started asking me about my camera. My x100s gets noticed a lot more than me, which is ok, since I’m a street photographer who left his ego a long time ago. Turns out his name is Bob and he’s the owner of The Rex. I knew he was older, but he looked quite young. He told me he was born in 1941, same as John Lennon, which makes him about 72, but he looks 62, and I told him that. He said it’s because of beer, good whisky and jazz. Good mix, eh?


Hair competition











When I returned to Port Credit, the day was still young, so I went to my office at Starbucks to process my photos. Sitting at the big table, a lovely young woman sat down across from me and plugged in her Starbucks eye candy laptop (Macbook :)) Her name is Amita, and she’s studying at McMaster University, which is where I went in ancient times. Had a really nice conversation, and her photo is the header of this blog, made with my Sony smartphone with the Histagram app using the Poloroid camera.

“A Day in the Life” is a rather grim song, although another of my favourites. John Lennon didn’t seem to have such a great day, but me? I had a fabulous day, and I feel like Sgt. Pepper!