at the event which took over the street Friday evening to show solidarity with the Black community and celebrating Juneteenth.  Organized by Olodwan Blackboard, a Black skateboard collective, people gathered at Underpass Skate Park underneath where the Gardiner and DVP meet.

I braved the perils of the Covid-19 lockdown and ventured into the murky, hip-hop underground. Soaking up the essence of skunky pot and the sugary Iced-Capp I managed to get a few photos. Expecting a more menacing crowd, I hung back for awhile, but soon realized that I was the more threatening. Being by far the oldest person there (nobody over 21, and me at sixty-fuckin-something), I think they thought I was just one of the street-art characters on the DVP pylons.

I was accepted. And then….

I commenced shooting.

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Getting set up for the demonstration

They thought I was just some street art

sk8r’ girls

sk8r’ kids