Welcome to the “good news” blog.

I feel that I’ve been drenched with pandemic news, biological and political. You can’t turn the TV or browser on anymore without the deluge of bad news.

And it’s getting worse.

The news is just so repetitious, and there are so many important questions that are just not being answered. For example, something that’s been keeping me up at night that no-one’s addressing, “are 2 meters apart sufficient for fart transmission?” Maybe one of you medical workers know the answer to that and can comment below.

But I’m going to make it better…

While trying to get out of my circular routine, I decided to go through my photo archives. I stumbled into some smiling faces that made me forget about the state of the globe for awhile. These photos are in the Canadian Arctic, a very rough and unforgiving territory. Even though the inhabitants often have an extremely difficult time, I’ve never seen people so willing to smile and so quick to make friends. Photography was a cinch.

So turn off your bad news stations, sit back and relax, preferable with a glass of single malt (what I’m drinking right now) and enjoy the smiles of the children. I don’t think you’ll be able to resist smiling.

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