I woke up this morning at 5:30 with a thousand words in my head. Funny how the mind works. I’ve been meditating for awhile now, and have been able to watch that. And then we’re isolated, and everything changes again. But that’s alright.

Looks like they’re shutting down the LCBO’s and beer stores today, so I got my stash in, along with a nice chunk of the crumbly kind. And, of course, there’s Netflix and the internet, but mostly just bad news there.

So, I thought that today I would get those thousand words out on the

Good News Blog”.

About a hundred years ago, a man called Robert Johnson, in Mississippi, USA, went down to the Crossroads, corner of hwy 61 and 49, where he sold his soul to the devil to be famous with the blues. That never really happened, but Eric Clapton electrified the crossroads blues style with The Cream, and of course, there’s Jimi and Keith, and all those other guys. Well, I finally picked up my old acoustic after 50 years, and am doing an online crossroads blues course. Man, I wish I still had my old circa ’66 Fender Telecaster… sex… drugs… and rock’n’roll all over again? (well… maybe not).

Lots of big numbers flying around here. Funny how 100 years ago sounds ancient, yet 50 years ago… not so much… hell, we’re only talkin’ 1969 or so… or is that just me?

The other thing is the French. Colleges are shut down so my course was cancelled (but I was going to drop out anyway). However, I’m still at it online… the Duolingo course, and some French podcasts. Toutes nos voyages était annulé mais j’èspère aller à Quebec cet été avec ma vélo. J’èspère qu’il y a un été!

The coronavirus can’t make the jump when you’re on a bike, so there’ll be lots of cycling this summer. This could be our salvation.

And then there’s the photography. With no world travel this year, I decided to do a 365 photo project, starting a couple of weeks ago. This is mostly to get out of the creative comfort zone. That sounds good anyway. So the one-a-day photos are a mixed bag, but many of them have captions, so I hope you enjoy.

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day 14 – bend those strings

day 15 – West-end London? No…Toronto!