The second part of our Italian adventure was a cycling trip from Niederdorf, which is about 10 km from the Austrian border, to Maestre, which is by Venice, but on the mainland. The 6 day cycling trip covered 340 km.

We’re starting to discover great Italian food, like Anchovy Bruschetta (mmmmm), and we started having picnics for lunch, with wine, of course. We learned the the Italians do fungi (mushrooms) really, really well – whether in pasta or pizza. One dinner, I had white asparagus with a couple of fried eggs on top. I thought maybe I’m becoming a foodie!

Many cyclists here on e-bikes. But they’re e-bikes that you have to peddle, and they look like hybrids, not the scooter-style that they have in Ontario. Also, the people on them wear helmets, aren’t smoking and don’t look like they’re riding them because they lost their drivers license.

Next stop — Venice!

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Arriving at the train station in the Dolomites from Rome.

The 6 day cycling route

Leaving Niederdorf in the morning. Note the Camino de Santiago crest on the fence by the bike seat.

Along the old rail-trail through the beautiful Dolomites.

Hikers taking in the scenery.

View from our room in Cortina, which is Italy’s largest ski resort.

The trail to Belluno.

The last stage of the Giro d’Italia, arriving in Feltre.

The last stage of the Giro d’Italia, arriving in Feltre.

Walking around in Feltre.

Feltre streets at night.

Riding down through the switchbacks.

Riding down through the switchbacks.

On to Bassano

Big bikers need big beers!

The road to Bassano

Typical cyclist in Bassano