Late, but we did get a landing on the Shetland island of Foula. Had a very nice hike, just me and Chantal, and the ponies, sheep and birds. This is a very remote, lonely place and inhabited by only 36 people. The locals setup a little art show and sale in their school/community centre. Yes, there’s actually a school here.

The zodiac ride back was really crazy with 1 meter swell at the ship. Getting from the zodiac to the ship access platform was challenging and required careful timing.

This was really the last day of the expedition, as on day 11, tomorrow, we will be arriving in the early morning at Aberdeen, where we would disembark from the Ocean Endeavour. Chantal and I will be spending an extra day in Aberdeen, then off to London for a couple of nights, before returning to Toronto.

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1 meter swell