Skiing… that is.

For the last few years, just prior to the ski season, I start wondering if there’ll be any nasty surprises. Is everything still going to work? I’m talking about joints and things that start going wonky when you get older.

Well, we just had a ski trip to Chamonix, France, which is probably the most technical ski resort I’ve ever visited.  I have to admit that there were lots of things to do there that I don’t think I can do anymore, and am very envious of those young people out there (and old locals). Like back-country trekking with skins and mountaineering equipment. But all in all, things held up reasonably well for this city-slicker.

I love the town of Chamonix. It has a feel of authenticity that’s so much more than other ski towns. Chamonix wasn’t built by a multi-national corporation like the Disney-like Blue Mountain or Mont Tremblant. It’s been there a long time… much longer than alpine skiing even. They’ve been raising cows and sheep for cheese in the mountains here for hundreds of years. And mountain climbing and mountaineering. Our Club-Med guide, Patrick, is certified in all things mountain, and is also the president of the Chamonix dairy farmers association. I called him “Le Grand Fromage”!

Because the “bones” didn’t respond exactly as the brain commanded, I had a couple of wandering days at the end of the week where I was able to absorb this enchanting community. I’m trying to convey that feeling I had in the mountains and in the village through these photos. I hope you can understand this and evoke somewhat of the feeling that I had in Chamonix.

Overall… things still worked pretty good. And that…. is my confession.   😉

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Showing how deep the snow is


Just can’t get away from it at the top of the world



Top of the Grand Montets


6 km run from the Grand Montets



Approach to the Vallee Blanche


The long approach to the Vallee Blanche


The long approach to the Vallee Blanche


Very steep approach to the Vallee Blanche







“Step into the Void” at the top of Aiguille du Midi


View from top of Aiguille du Midi