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“Caffeine” (WIDE ANGLE)

“Caffeine” (Wide Angle)

The coffee shop at night
A place of comfort and desire
As I enter and note
The other nighthawks sitting there
Someone on a laptop
Is she writing a great novel?
A couple together
Glued in mind to their smartphones
Addicted to escape?
I am
To caffeine
And to the coffee shop nightscape


“The Busker” (MUSIC)

“The Busker” (music)

I used to play on corners
And on subways and on trains
Made some scratch along the way
And nothing in my veins

But now the streets are mostly bare
Well, maybe a cop or two
They’re there to make damn sure
That I don’t mix with my crew

I yearn to pluck my strings again
And sing a few notes out there
To entertain folks on the street
And hopefully get a stare


The Door (door)

The Door (DOOR)

This door can open to the speed of light
Or the pace of a turtle
It can open to love or hate
Or adventure and intrigue
It’s the threshold from ignorance to knowledge

It is enlightenment




The Pickup (MACRO)

The Pickup (macro)











The Dunes (just breathe)

A strong clean wind off the lake
Blowing on the dunes and the tall grass
Waves like thunder smashing on the surf
Gulls screaming, floating in the sky
Fine white sand is in my eyes
But I don’t care about that
I can breathe, man

I can breathe!



Sensuality (BLACK AND WHITE)

Sensuality (black and white)

One of my favourite photographers is Robert Maplethorpe. His very controversial erotica in gay and S&M culture is way too far for me, but I admire the way he photographed flowers in black and white. He was able to go way beyond the subject, casting sexuality upon a simple flower.

This plant was from my father-in-law’s funeral, retained and nurtured by my wife. When a flower recently bloomed, it seemed to me like a fusion of the male and female sex organs.

I immediately thought of Robert Maplethorpe.






Destination (transportation)

Squirrels are scattering, twigs are snapping
Wind is whistling in my face
Wheels are spinning, getting hot
Leaves are blowing on the lace

Then I leave the solid ground
I’m flying, feeling free
In the zone, through the void
Of zero gravity

Destination a distant haze
There’s no A to B here
Time is at a standstill
But eventually I’ll get there



The Encounter (Product Photography)

The mysterious, dark stranger walked into the downstairs bar and ordered his favourite whisky. “Leave the bottle,” he commanded.

He caught the eye of the sultry lady sitting in the shadows across the room. She sauntered over and stood next to him by the bar.

“Can I help you?” he asked.

Then, in a smoky Lauren Bacall voice, she said, “I wish you would just shut up and pour me a drink.”






Ol’ man river, he just keeps rollin’ along (DISTORTED)

Ol’ man river, he just keeps rollin’ along (Distorted)

Crossing a bridge over this river, the muddy, slow-moving, rippling water, the over-hanging trees and the old docks along the banks made me think of the song Ol’ Man River.

I had my Lensbaby on my camera so I just got off the bike and made the distorted shot.

It’s a little ironic in that this river is only a few km from the final destination of the Underground Railway at Fort Erie, which was the famous African-American slave escape route. The song Ol’ Man River is really about the hope and despair of slave labour. And… The Crossing




The Walk (Wide Aperture)

I had trouble this week finding a story-line for “wide aperture” as the challenge was very wide (no pun intended). So I just attached my 50 year old Takumar manual focus 28mm lens, set it for f2.8 and went for a walk.

This was just after a heavy rainfall so the streets and trails were glistening like frost in the sunlight. I took a bunch of un-inspiring, humdrum photos but this one kind of stood out, probably because of the purple flowers which seemed to be awakening out of the darkness.




If I could read your mind, love (LINE FROM A SONG)

If I could read your mind, love (Line From A Song)

If I could read your mind, love
What a tale your thoughts could tell
Just like a paperback novel
The kind the drugstore sells

– Gordon Lightfoot





Hey man, got a light? (NIGHT)

Hey man, got a light? (night)

Been really busy, hard to get out this week.

But I went out last night, dragging my wife along, just hoping to get something. Well, I stayed with my orange and teal look… I know… it was a little faddish a few years ago, but I really like these colours and mostly use them for night shots. So this is SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera), just bumped up a little in contrast.

I’ve been using this old Takumar 28mm lens (circa 1975) stuck on my Fuji X-E2S, and really lovin’ it! Hard to focus though.