Bad and scary news everywhere today, but not here. Only good news here. This is the Good News Blog!

On the way out, we had a full day in London, which is becoming my favourite city very quickly now. I had arranged 2 Strawberry tours for this day, which is the same organization I used for Jack the Ripper. Strawberry Tours uses what seem are young, under-employed actors and actresses, and there is no charge for these tours. You just leave a tip if you think it was worth it, and I have to say that the guides we had are about the best I’d ever experienced. Left good tips.

So today we went for a street art tour in the morning and a historic pub crawl tour later in the afternoon. Both were excellent and fun, and we met a lot of people, especially on the pub tour. The photos below are various street scenes and street art.

I asked a few young people in London and Aberdeen about Brexit and they were adamantly against it. Which proves that, as elsewhere, it’s mainly greedy, old men trying to fuck things up for the future generations.

Our last day… sigh… tomorrow, back to Toronto.

And that was our fabulous month in the UK and Ireland.  Hope you enjoyed our story and hope you relaxed with a few moments of Good News.

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Mathew – our Ripper tour guide


Some really good advice here

Olivia – our street art tour guide

Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late! — gotta shop!

Is this a Banksy rat?

Patriotic toking

Kate, this one’s for you.

Our street art tour group

Tower Bridge

Old Spitalfields Market

Old Spitalfields Market

The Lamb and Flag Pub

Nell Gwyn Pub

Inside the Nell Gwyn Pub