This is for week 1: Self-Portrait. This is me with the Downer Flu. The doctors couldn’t figure out what I had (not Covid), so they called me “An Enigma”, and that’s what I titled this photo.


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Week 2. The Liftee (Blur The Action)

The Liftee

Washing dishes by night
Pushing steel by day
I stand here all alone
I just have to stay

The skiers line up
I get them on the chair
And if they fall off
I must look like I care

The machine is loud and clamorous
It shakes me to the bones
But when I’m done my shift
I can ski free and get stoned


The Soul of a Tree

Week 3. The Soul of a Tree (Your Hobby)

The soul of a tree
Touching the heavens
To the lowly board
Whose soul contains
A piece of art?




The Zamboni Driver

Week 4. The Zamboni Driver (Portrait of a Stranger)

He makes it possible for
A clean slap-shot
Or figures on the glace
He is taken for granted
But he keeps us safe
He was getting the machine ready
I talked to him
And got the shot
And he drove the monster away



The Night Walk

Week 5. The Night Walk (Black And White)

It’s late at night
And very cold
The village is lit up
But quiet as snow flurries
Whirring of the snow-cats
Crawling on the mountain
Crunch of boots
On the dry, firmly packed snow
A woman and her child
Walk bravely through the night
Picking up a pizza?


The Warming Centre

Week 6. The Warming Centre (Shallow Depth of Field)

Open 24/7
Heater always on
Magazines and bulletin board
A washroom
Interesting characters
With padded bras, torn underwear, stains
Maybe a blind date
At the Laundromat




Week 7. And Yet Another Hobby (Chair)

And Yet Another Hobby

A couple of weeks ago a friend asked if I’ve ever tried painting or sketching. I hadn’t, but I have to admit, it’s been on my mind. When this challenge came up, I spent a lot of time thinking of a story I could tell with a chair. So I picked up some pencils and a sketch pad at the Dollar Store, found some good Youtube tutorials, and there you have it.





I fall to pieces

Week 8. I fall to pieces (Line from a song)

…Each time I see you again

Considered one of the most influential female vocalists of the 20th Century, Patsy Cline was one of the first country music artists to cross over into pop music. This song was released in 1961. She was killed in a plane crash in 1963 at the age of 31.

“I fall to pieces” has been an earworm for me since Loretta Lynn died last October and I watched “Coal Miner’s Daughter” again. These two country superstars had a short but remarkable friendship.


Somebody’s Watching You

Week 9. Somebody’s Watching You (Macro)

Stealing your privacy
Invading your security
Harvesting you
For commercial
Or maybe more devious reasons
A calamity only a matter of time
Tik Tok Tik Tok Tik Tok



Inspiration from a 52Framer

Week 10. Inspiration from a 52Framer (Complementary Colours)

She’s a master of selfies
She’s someone I follow
She’s a witchy woman
Her art, she does not wallow

I made this shot
The setup was quite a reach
My inspiration for this image
Came from a framer, Sam Breach



Week 11. Not a Shadow (High Noon)

Not a Shadow

Footprints tracking in the snow
Cutting through the sand
Boots walking on the beach
Leaving a dirty strand

Is a magnet for my dog
Interesting odors here
I just have to follow him
And be careful where I steer


Week 12. The Sounds of Steel (Music)

The Sounds of Steel

Thunder crashing on the beach
Wind is whistling through the palms
Ringing harmonics I can hear
Calypso beat, makes me calm

And that is just a Reggae dream
I awaken with a hum
Music coming from a house
My friend, playing his steel drum



Week 13. Stepping Out of Reality (Get Low)


Stepping Out of Reality

Composite image of 4 photos.








Mont Tremblant base

Mont Tremblant village

They’re watching

Lake Simcoe

Pool cutout in Lake Simcoe for polar dippers

This is NOT Elvis Costello