Yes, It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? …


The Kiddie Coaster

Week 40. The Kiddie Coaster (Rule of Odds)

There is an abandoned amusement park
Close to where I live
And every time I drive by
I remember when I was a kid
At the Burlington Beach Amusement Park
Where I would ride the kiddie coaster
Every half-price Thursday night
Oh what a wonderful carefree thrill
But I think of some of the kids in this land
Who never had this chance
Held prisoner in a repressive system
Of politics and religion
Their culture, language and innocence stolen
Their childhood stolen


Week 41. I had a plan (Shoot Through Something)

I had a plan

Where I would go to a place
Where people walked on the sidewalk
And I would shoot them
Through flowers
Or something
But then
I went into a café
And saw a woman
Through the window
Looking down at something
Probably her phone
Or maybe a sexy novel



Week 42. Goosebumps (Black and White Minimalism)

I walked along the harbour pier
On a cold northern day
When two young women appeared
Wrapped in towels out to playl
Then the towels were dropped
Bikini clad, they just leaped
Into the frigid choppy bay
And with my camera I just peeped




Week 43. Macrophallia (Details)


I was sitting on my back deck enjoying the warm, sunny day, when I noticed the light reflecting through some old, dry burlap strung to a tree. Even from about 20 meters I could see the illumination of the tiny, frayed threads glowing in the bright afternoon sun. So I made the shot, thinking that these are all the details I need for this week’s challenge.

But while I was sitting there chimping, I happened to glance through the patio door and there it was, in full bloom. For me, sexuality will always win over threads.




Week 46. All the basic food groups in one bite (Food Photography)


All the basic food groups in one bite

I’ve been fighting a flu bug all week, so it was difficult to find the energy, time and especially motivation to do this challenge. But my wife surprised me with a slice of spicy vegetarian to cheer me up.






Time is Not On Our Side

Week 48. Time is Not On Our Side (Animals)

missiles flying
bombs exploding
gasoline burning
plastic floating
garbage piling
greenbelt paving
food diminishing
water contaminating
what are we doing
to Her

Week 49. Getting Down (Shoot From Below)


Getting Down

We were getting our gear ready for a forthcoming ski trip. She was trying on her boots when I noticed her legs were completely bare. Then I noticed that they were not the only things bare.

…NOT to be continued…






Week 50. Frame 14 (Roll of 24)

Frame 14

24 is a magic number for me, so when I saw this challenge, I thought of my film days a long time ago. I just happened to have an Ilford 24 exposure 400 ISO B&W film in the freezer, so I Loaded my old Olympus Auto Eye (1962ish) viewfinder camera and over a couple of days, shot the roll of 24.

Almost didn’t make the deadline because of lab inefficiencies and the scan came out very grainy, but here is frame 14 of 24, the “Liquor Store Busker”.


Pinhole Drama

Week 51. Pinhole Drama (Break the Rules)

Busy streets
Cars rushing
Stores are open
People pushing

Young girls swarming
Kill that guy
Old man shooting
He don’t know why

We are efficient
Sharp as glass
But in these holidays
We’re oh so crass

My toxic lens
Cuts through the horde
Beautiful blur
Will save the world


Week 52. Questions (Redo)


she’s at the window
looking out
at birds flitting?
children playing?
tree branches dancing in the wind?

or is the window open to her mind?
opening the possibilities
opening the future
that pensive, contemplative smile
dreaming or analyzing?
or is she just,

looking out the window?




Christmas market

Beach 1

The Bruce Trail

Gibson’s Coffee Shop

Trail behind our place