20 years ago, I dropped my $21.50 and attended the SARS concert at Downsview Park, Toronto. Recent story of this concert in the Toronto Star.

I was working close to here at the time, so I just walked over. Half-million people. This is before digital cameras, so I bought a disposable film camera at a convenience store on the way over. Photography was not allowed, but nobody saw me. No smart phones yet, so I remember nobody was looking down, like Gollum looking at his ring. Everyone was looking up at the stage or the big screens positioned throughout the grounds. No phones in their hands, but something else, of which I got a lot of 2nd hand smoke. I didn’t mind, though.

This was pretty much a hard-rock concert, so Justin Timberlake was booed and had a lot of water bottles thrown at him. Some containing urine. Yuuuccckkk! I remember he sang “Miss You” with Mick at the end but nobody threw urine bottles then. The stones, to me, looked very tired. Keith looked like he could hardly stand up. Like they just took him out of his coffin just for this show. I thought the best act was AC/DC, followed by Rush. And I just heard that Geddy just turned 70 and Mick 80.

On my way out I almost bumped into Mayor Mel Lastman riding his golf cart surrounded by security guards. Then I had to continue back to my car at the Bic (pens, lighters, etc) parking lot. This was through the infamous Jane-Finch corridor, so a very interesting night walk.

The first few shots are scanned from the disposable camera, followed by the latest 52Frames, and finally, a few camping shots.

Have a great rest of the summer!



SARS concert – Proof I was there

SARS concert – Downsview Park

SARS concert – This guy thought he had to show his boobs

SARS concert – Brian Johnson (AC/DC) on the screen

















Amanda Powell

24. Amanda Powell ( Inspired By A Framer )

Amanda Manda
You’re such an artist
I love your work
It’s just the smartest

I know you do selfies
And they’re not so mal
I’m on the other side
So I shoot Chantal

I’m following you
And having fun
I copy your print
But just this one 😉



Week 25. The Backup (Leading Lines)

The Backup

On a camping trip at The Thousand Islands, St. Lawrence River, this was supposed to be my backup photo for this week. But the leading lines photo I had in mind was underwater due to high water levels, so here you have it.






Week 26. A Day in The Life ( Morning Routine )

A Day in The Life

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
Fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way
Kicking around on a piece of ground in your hometown
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way

–“Time” – Pink Floyd




My Country is a Prism

Week 27. My Country is a Prism ( Reflection )

Not always seeing clearly
Sometimes not at all in focus
But that’s OK
Will save the world



Lake Superior

Week 28. Lake Superior ( Abstract )

Waves glistening in the shine
Rollers breaking on the line
Crashing onto coloured sand
Big pines standing guard on stand
Canoeist floating on the haze
Holding me in a daze

[ Camping very far north at Lake Superior, sitting on the beach, pondering the lake, I had a special spiritual feeling and thought of these words. Trying to get that feeling into a photo, I used ICM for the top portion, motion blur (Adamski Effect) for the bottom, and just floated the canoe on the mist. ]


Week 29. The Jump ( In The Middle )

The Jump

Water is white
Below the roar
Of Sand River Falls
Is it deep enough?
She hesitates
And wonders which version of her
Can do this
Boyfriend goads her on




Week 30. Nostalgia ( Meaningful Location )

I stand here
At the base of a ski hill
Thinking of the many levels
Of meaning here for me
Over 30 years of memories
With my wife
And now, living here
I can just stand
And have memories
Any time I wish




Waiting for the ferry in Tobermory

These guys ride Indian motorcycles (Tobermory ferry)

Chutes Provincial Park

Chutes Provincial Park