Today Chantal and I went out with my son-in-law and 2 grand-daughters to the Art Gallery of Hamilton where we saw an exhibition of the Beaver Hall Group. A modernist group in Montreal in the 1920’s era, I especially enjoyed the old Montreal and Quebec street scenes. The grand-kids had a lot of fun running around, and of course, I got some photos of them. [click on any photo for full-size slideshow]


Cara sitting on a grand piano. Sitting on the piano isn’t allowed in the art gallery, but she insisted.


Chloe pondering the art? or bored












Another interesting exhibit was the Bruegel-Bosch Bus, by Kim Adams, which consists of a 1960 Volkswagen van decorated with thousands of miniatures exploring the patterns of a mobile society. Barbie, at the top of this page, was on the bus, and so was John.


X_160315_4427Looking at the Fearful Symmetry: The Art of John Scott. Creepy but interesting stuff.







Jenn on the right

After the AGH, we went for lunch at Barton 541, one of my favourite eateries. Here’s a blog I made last year about this place. Jenn actually remembered me, which is very good for the soul of an old goat like me!



Everyone sits at large tables at 541. Few private tables, which makes for a nice community feeling.






Inside 541









Local business

Local business

Mural in the alley behind Barton 541

Mural in the alley behind Barton 541