This is my recent batch of posts to 52frames, my weekly photo challenge. I do these kinds of blog posts when I don’t have anything profound to say, or when I don’t have a fictional story in my mind that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.

The challenges are in brackets in the photo captions. Please read the poems (or not). I’m dyin’ to read your comments. 😉


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2:15 Aprés

Week 14. 2:15 Aprés (Fill the frame)

Spring skiing
What a joy
Sunny and warm
Snow is doughy

Hard on my knees
Hard on my brain
Blurry reflections
Of my day

[11 photos shot in-the-round and combined in Photoshop]


Dreamy Night

Week 15. Dreamy Night ( Dreamscape )

Like waves on the bay
Dreams ebb and flow
Places constantly change
While people come and go

The full moon lights my way
As it brightly beams
I feel it on my skin
And I chase it in my dreams



Under the Lights

Week 16. Under the Lights ( Blue Hour )

I was hoping for a nice sky this week but just rain and dark clouds. Towards the end of the week I was getting desperate. But then I remembered Mick Jagger’s words:

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, well, you just might get what you need.”

So I went down to, not the Chelsea drugstore, but to the bay and got my shot.






The Downstairs Bar

Week 17. The Downstairs Bar ( One Light Source )

A sexy, sultry woman walked through the door and sauntered across the room, hips swaying like a shapely pendulum, checking her surroundings, and sat on a stool at the bar.

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18. #TinFishDateNight ( Food Week Photography )

Canned fish is so not in
“Tinned” is the latest trend
Artistic packaging photo ready
Much coin you will spend

Culinary viral charcuterie
Instagram ready bite
A tin of sardines
The foodies delight

I must follow my father
The Cape Breton path
Onions, oil and vinegar
And oh, so bad breath



Well hello there!

Week 19. Well hello there! ( Details )

Nice to see ya!
Glad you made it through the winter
You’re young and small
But you’re more important than you think
I’ll be minding you
Till the fall






No Flowers

Week 20. No Flowers (High Key)

It’s leaves are healthy
It’s base is strong
Reaching for the sky
It’s trying real hard
Trying to get over that wall
But just can’t make that flower
And arrive in a better place




The Pretzel

Week 21. The Pretzel (Low Key )

I was contemplating how I would do this challenge. Not so much about the low key part, but more about the subject, as I’m always trying to tell a story and for this I was prone toward bodyscape. Then while doing some yoga with Youtube Adriene I got into one of her favourite poses – the reclining pigeon; although I feel more like a pretzel doing this. So I got down to my shorts, set up some lighting and there you have it.




The Seven Teachings

Week 22 (alternate). The Seven Teachings ( Religion )

This monument in Collingwood represents the Seven Grandfather Teachings according the the Anishinaabe First Nations, who inhabited this region where I live. The teachings are:

Wisdom …to cherish knowledge is to know Wisdom
Bravery …Bravery is to face the foe with integrity
Respect …to honour all creation is to have Respect
Truth …to learn the Truth, to live the Truth, to walk the Truth, to speak Truth
Honesty …Honesty in facing a situation is to be brave
Humility …Humility is to know yourself as a sacred part of Creation
Love …to know peace is to know Love




The Forgotten Children

Week 22. The Forgotten Children ( Religion )

From the 19th century to mid 20th, over 100,000 homeless children from the slums of London, England were sent to Canada. These were the “home” children or “Barnardo” children and they were taken in by mostly farmer settlers for $15 each and put to work. Mostly brutal hard work. About 25% were treated decently but the rest were physically and sexually abused, often resulting in death by the harsh Canadian weather, sickness or suicide. These ‘god-fearin’ Christian pioneer farmers had no qualms with child slavery.

It is estimated that 10% of the current Canadian population are descendants of these forgotten children – descendants of human trafficking.


The Sketch

Week 23. The Sketch ( Negative Space )

Rhythm of my heart
Murmur of my breath
Gentle waves on the bay
Brushing ‘gainst the rocks
Relaxing my soul
Opening my mind
To the infinite space beyond
And to the mark
Of my pencil