Now for a little bit of nostalgia. A few weeks ago I met a fellow photographer, Rob, at a Meetup Street shooting event, who told me about a project he’s involved in – documenting Kenilworth Avenue in Hamilton east end. Hey, that’s my old neighbourhood, when I was a teenager! So, I thought I’d do a little exploring on my own, and ended up visiting twice to get some interesting shots.

It’s very run down and boarded up, compared to when I was a kid. Although it was never a ritzy place, there were at least things happening, movie theatres, restaurants, and my old favourite soda bar. Can’t remember the name of it, but it’s where I would be when skipping out of church and school. Now, it’s a pretty dumpy used car lot.

I walked all the way from Barton St to Main St, visiting my old elementary school, Holy Family, which is probably going to be knocked down soon. I visited the old Library (still the same as when I was 8 years old), then headed up to my old high school, Delta, where I had a great tour with one of the people working there, Carmen. As when I was attending there, this building still feels more like a college than a secondary school, but it is now also destined to be condoized. What a shame for such a grand, historical building.

Delta is where I actually started photography, with my old best friend Myron. The 2 of us WERE the Photography Club, and we even had our own private office with key. Imagine that possibility in high school!

Here’s another post about Hamilton.

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Bar-Ken Restaurant

Pollocks is still there. Very grungy.

Holy Family School

Used to be Frank and Ziggy’s Bug Shop

The old Sportsman’s Billiards

Hamilton Public Library. Still looks great.

Lots of used car lots around here, but even they are shutting down.

Holy Family Church

Ziggy’s son. What a resemlance!

Front entrance to Delta High. My old school.

I was standing right there, when this time capsule was placed. I don’t believe the school will make it to 2017.

Rankins is still popular.

This used to be a movie theatre, then a revival meeting hall, now….

Modern urban landscaping. (Note the trendy blue planter)

Upstairs in the library

Babcia and Dziadzia’s storefront. Still someone living upstairs.

The side of Babcia and Dziadzia’s building

Delta High School. Maybe tearing this down soon.

Upstairs in the library

Inside the main entrance.

This used to be a bowling alley. I got beat up right against that door. In those days, there weren’t any “cyber-bullies”, only physical ones.

This place is still there

Holy Family School

If these halls could speak…

Woodworking shop

Carmen trying out his true calling.

Music room

Yup, he’s still around!

Carmen turning off the lights

The boys gym. This is where the Friday Night Dances were held.

Welding masks in auto mechanics

Man, I remember spending so much time on these staircases.

Look familiar?