The first thing I noticed was that the women cut all the lawns and the men drive all the pickups. But actually, a lot of women are driving pickups too. Typical small town Ontario, eh?

Working on a fixer-upper entailed many trips to Home Depot and Canadian Tire, but,

This is a place where you like to take the long way home

At 40 km/hr (or less)

And I haven’t been tailgated once

From 830,000 to 22,000

50 meters to the entrance to a 60 km biking network

And that’s only in town

Morning bike ride to a coffee shop in Stayner

Picnic at the top of the Century Express chair

Entranced by the turquoise layers on the Bay

Spellbound by the Georgian Bay sunset

I feel that we’ve arrived


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Two homes

Canada Day downtown

Canada Day downtown

Canada Day downtown

Canada Day downtown


Street artist

Street artist pallet

Demon girl

Bike trail to Thornbury

Craigleith train station

Collingwood Harbour

Collingwood Harbour

Collingwood Harbour

Train trail to Stayner

Train Trail to Stayner


Georgian Bay

Bruce Trail at Blue Mountain

Picnic at the top of Century Express chair

View from Silver Bullet Express

Gondola on Tranquility

Gondola on Tranquility

Southern Comfort Chairlift

Sunset Point

Sunset Point

Sunset Point