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The Midnight Train

People were running past us, bumping, pushing; a chaotic spectacle. There was an announcement over the PA system, but it was in German. We had already carried the heavy panniers up the long, steep stairway to the rail platform in… Continue Reading →

The Escape

What was that bang? Oh, just one of those old Americana autos backfiring. I must have fallen asleep. And now I’m getting sick from the stink of stale rum and cigar breath blowing on my face. It’s getting dark. I… Continue Reading →


It’s definitely starting to affect me. I don’t feel like I’m locked in the house, I still go out, for photos, groceries, whisky, etc. But I find myself wandering glassy-eyed around the house, looking out one window after another. Circular… Continue Reading →

The Fog

I have walked through the fog The mystery of city “The Fog” and “The Mist” Be there monsters there? There’s a fog south of here The chaos of fear and uncertainty The gas of tears Mystery but also comfort Like… Continue Reading →

The Pandemcut

“My helmet feels so tight. It must be my hair. What? It’s been over four months since I’ve had a cut. I think I’m getting a headache from the pressure.” These were the thoughts spinning through my mind as I… Continue Reading →

All The Answers Are Here

the slapping of the waves and the chasing of the foam against the sandy waters edge the rhythm of two bodies entwined in sync together your soft fingers entangled in mine and the sand squeezing between my toes the seagulls… Continue Reading →

The Fool on Foula

“Len, you can’t go in there with the sheep. It’s all fenced in and the gate is locked.” “Ah, that fence is over a hundred years old, and the gate is just latched, not locked, and look at those sheep…. Continue Reading →

Musical Chairs

You see, there was this birthday party. A very large party with over 30 boys and girls. During the party, they played a game of musical chairs. Very simple rules, but I’ll go over them quickly here just to refresh… Continue Reading →

“Life is like a Choc lit…”

“Ya never know what you’re gonna git,”- Forest Gump, talkin’ bout what his mama always said. Street photography’s a lot like that, too. Walking around the city with your camera, you never know what kind of opportunities await. A little… Continue Reading →

Eerie on the Canadian Riviera

He was looking right into my eyes. Or rather looking right through me, like I was transparent or in a different dimension. A young man, sitting on a bench in front of the old driftwood sided general store. Blue eyes…. Continue Reading →

Lakeshore Nights

are really noisy big-ass tail-pipes waking the dead boom boxes blaring gettin’ in my head Harleys thunderin’ see the devils red   really noisy streetcars whisperin’ on ribbons of steel dividing the roadway hear the wheels squeal light trails surreal… Continue Reading →

All wheels were welcome

at the event which took over the street Friday evening to show solidarity with the Black community and celebrating Juneteenth.  Organized by Olodwan Blackboard, a Black skateboard collective, people gathered at Underpass Skate Park underneath where the Gardiner and DVP… Continue Reading →

The Bird Whisperer

A couple of years ago, robins nested in our backyard tree resulting in a few chicks. One day, the chicks flew away. All except one. He fell and couldn’t fly. The next morning, looking out the window to our patio,… Continue Reading →

Somewhere in East Germany

The shack was hidden in the deep, dark northern German forest. The full moon cast shadows of the tall, thin spruce trees, standing like Prussian sentries. Inside the shack was as dark as an asylum lock closet, except for the… Continue Reading →

And now for some good news!

Welcome to the “good news” blog. I feel that I’ve been drenched with pandemic news, biological and political. You can’t turn the TV or browser on anymore without the deluge of bad news. And it’s getting worse. The news is… Continue Reading →

Something’s happening here

This morning I read an article by a very good photographer, Edward Burtynsky, who is in Northern Ontario making a body of work celebrating Earth Day, which is today in Canada. I first discovered his work last year at the… Continue Reading →

Purple Haze

Purple Haze all in the air, lately things don’t seem the same, actin’ funny but I don’t know why ‘scuse me while I stand aside.   Purple Haze is all around, don’t know if I’m coming up or down. Am… Continue Reading →

Bored Yet?

I woke up this morning at 5:30 with a thousand words in my head. Funny how the mind works. I’ve been meditating for awhile now, and have been able to watch that. And then we’re isolated, and everything changes again…. Continue Reading →

I have seen…

Ghosts drifting over the expanse Snowy hoodoos growing from the crest Ravens hovering on the wire Tall pines reaching from the mire Sun spawning shadows on the Peaks Tracks in the snow, schuss and streaks   Sun Peaks, BC   [Click… Continue Reading →

I hate winter…

… but only when it rains dirty city snow, salt puddles, neige jaune I love the cold, crisp air of winter champagne powder and the solitude of a northern stillness winter also has a darkness shortest days of the year… Continue Reading →

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