This was the October adventure with the Metropolitan Investigators. The St. Clement’s parish in Leslieville formally dates back to 1895, when it became an independent parish with a church located on Queen St. E, near Leslie St. Starting in 1910, plans were made for the new church, the one that still stands on Jones Ave. This Anglican Church is a Victorian Gothic Revival building, which was closed in 2006.

This church was declared a heritage building in 2011 by the City of Toronto and now it awaits its conversion into condominiums. Good friends of mine who collect condos, especially former churches, and who live very close to this site, I suspect are eagerly waiting for this final event.

Barbie went to church today, but alas! she will be no longer with us. She was assaulted by a bunch of east-end gang-bangers, and I think she liked it so much, she decided to stay with them.

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An old printing maching

Original pipe organ

An explorer trying to sneak out of the shot.

One of Barbie’s few times in church.

Looking out of the balcony window.

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