When I was on my Arctic Expedition cruise in August, one night I was laying in bed, reading, when I started feeling a strange vibration. At first I thought it was from the ship’s engines, but it seemed too repetitive. Then I realized it was coming from inside me. The more I thought about this, the more I started feeling like a human tuning fork, but more of a random nature.

The next day, I was sitting quietly in the library, when I realized the vibration was coming from my new hip – my artificial titanium component. I thought that maybe being so far above the Arctic Circle, and close to the North Pole, my hip was picking up some magnetic field. Am I now a meat puppet compass?

But no, it can’t be that because that would be more of a regular, consistent vibration – like a hum. I was getting a repetitive, code-like vibration – kind of an intelligent coded signal that was repeating every 10 seconds, like an S.O.S. from outer space. Brought to mind the Carl Sagan book and movie “Cosmos”. I now believe that I’m a human S.E.T.I. (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)

Strange happenings indeed!

On another note, but just as weird, I went up to the Church and Wellesley village on Halloween night with the Meetup photography group. The first photo is my favourite. On his way home on the subway after work, seems like Spidey had a rough day.

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