Normally, I have trouble with street photography, because I’m so shy. But I’ve found that really busy tourist areas are good for this, because with everyone walking around with a camera, I can just blend in easier.

Anyway, on our last trip to Quebec, I found myself with quite a bit of time on my hands because Chantal was having lunches with her old friends. So I just grabbed the Pentax, and hung out in the old city. Hard to shoot from the hip with this DSLR, but man, I just love the results from my K-x.

Got some shots I’m very happy with, and met a few really nice people.

[Click on any photo for the slideshow. Please leave comments at the bottom of the page]

The new Hi-Tech age!

Shopping or Church?

Art student in Quebec City

Can I have a lift?

Old Quebec City

Meter expired?

Just relaxing

Above ground gardening

Snow in August?

It’s all a blur

Works as good as a tripod

Oh! I have to take this call!

And another

Another couple from Toronto

The “human bipod” showing off his work.

Cozy alley

Johnny Cash and The Beatles on the same billing?

Young couple from Toronto

Say Fromage!

Just another long day at the office!

Big Dummy

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