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16 weeks

Skiing is finished in Ontario, pouring rain outside, but lots of photography happening with 52frames. Here are my first 16 weeks of 2024, along with my mumblings. [Click on any photo for the slideshow. Please leave comments at the bottom… Continue Reading →

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions

I recently read an article from a newsletter I follow that talked about reframing your identity as a whole, instead of just hoping for a better version of yourself based on a New Year’s resolution. For a January 1 resolution,… Continue Reading →

Thoughts of my Ancestors

No, Spidey is not one of them, but I just finished watching the miniseries “Sisi” and couldn’t get this show out of my mind. It’s about Empress Elizabeth of Austria (Sisi, 1837 – 1898 ) who was married to Emperor… Continue Reading →

More Frames

This is my recent batch of posts to 52frames, my weekly photo challenge. I do these kinds of blog posts when I don’t have anything profound to say, or when I don’t have a fictional story in my mind that’ll… Continue Reading →

It’a About Time (Part 2)

This is for week 1: Self-Portrait. This is me with the Downer Flu. The doctors couldn’t figure out what I had (not Covid), so they called me “An Enigma”, and that’s what I titled this photo. *** [Click on any… Continue Reading →

It’s About Time

Yes, It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? …   The Kiddie Coaster There is an abandoned amusement park Close to where I live And every time I drive by I remember when I was a kid At the Burlington Beach Amusement… Continue Reading →

The Dark Stranger

The mysterious, dark stranger walked into the gloomy, decrepit apartment hallway, where he was supposed to have a secret meeting with an informer. But when the dog didn’t show up, he carefully stepped forward through the corridor. Suddenly, he heard… Continue Reading →

Rough Sex

Now that I’ve got your attention… Walking on the path alongside Cooksville Creek where it flows into Lake Ontario, I spotted 2 ducks. It looked like a male and female mating, with the male on top, his tail feathers furiously… Continue Reading →

Frames III

This is the 3rd part of my weekly challenge of a photo category and my scribblings, which is of the 52Frames group. Part 1 is at Frames, Part 2 is at Frames II. I learned 2 new words this month as part of… Continue Reading →

Frames II

This is the 2nd part of my weekly challenge of a photo category and my scribblings, which is of the 52Frames group. Part 1 is at Frames. The challenge categories are in brackets after the photo caption. Note that to read… Continue Reading →


With no winter or spring skiing, and no anything, really, I managed to keep myself busy by joining a 52 week photography group, called 52Frames. Each week it’s a different challenge and you have to make the shot in that… Continue Reading →

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