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July 30, 2003

20 years ago, I dropped my $21.50 and attended the SARS concert at Downsview Park, Toronto. Recent story of this concert in the Toronto Star. I was working close to here at the time, so I just walked over. Half-million… Continue Reading →

The Crossing

They plodded all the way from the state of Mississippi; hidden, terrified, constantly searching for a helping, sympathetic hand. Through swamps, cornfields and forests, they trudged, avoiding dirt roads and towns. They knew they were being hunted for bounty. Isabel… Continue Reading →

The Getaway

Last October, we bought a Roadtrek camper van. It was already winterized so we immediately put it into storage. Over the winter I made some modifications, including converting all the lighting over to LED, adding 12 volt outlets (cigarette lighter… Continue Reading →

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