Last night I attended the Vistek Fine Art Digital Printing with John Paul Caponigro at Ryerson University. John is a very successful visual artist exhibiting and teaching digital photography and digital printing workshops. This lecture was all about ink-jet printing with details on colour management and printer driver setup.


Looking over our youth


Since I don’t do my own printing and mostly just make photo books, the main thing I got out of this was that I have to learn a lot if I ever do get into printing, and maybe the right questions to ask.




They stopped kissing when I started shooting.


The theatre was packed and it was interesting to see the people who would attend this type of thing. As I was giving my name at the sign-in desk, someone said “I know that voice anywhere. You must be Bernie’s brother!”. Ha! my brother works at Vistek, and this fellow looked familiar. I think I met him once at their office after one of our Mill Street lunches.



Wall art in new Union Station subway stop

Wall art in new Union Station subway stop

I don’t get downtown very often at night, so this was definitely a good excuse to get in some night street shooting.

Actually, that was more fun than the lecture. I also noticed there was lots of smooching going on for a Tuesday night in TO.

Ahhh, spring is in the air!   😉


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More kissing – new Union Station addition


Unwanted guest at Dundas station










Yonge Street