After leaving our campsite at the Eglise Ste. Famille on Isle d’Orleans, we had to drive back to Quebec City to cross the St. Lawrence River and over to Lévis. Then we drove on HWY 132 to Montmagny where we camped with 2 other couple friends at Camping Pointe-aux-Oies.

It was really nice to spend a few days with Claire, Alain, Pascal and Johanne. Lots of jokes and fine cuisine covered up the occasional whiff from the cow pasture next door. The chain link fence behind our site meant to keep us in and keep mother nature out was just a small hindrance barring us from the river. I’m currently reading a Phillip Kerr novel about his usual character Bernie Gunther. Gunther is a private eye in Berlin in the 1940’s who spends a lot of time looking for missing persons, who usually, undoubtedly, are held in concentration camps which are, of course, surrounded by chain link fencing.

On the last day we took the ferry with P and J over to L’Isle-aux-Grues where we spent the entire time exploring the island on our bikes. This brought back memories of tiny idyllic St. Lawrence islands. Fields of golden grain rippling in the wind like the waves on the river. Villages that appear out of nowhere as you cycle around a bend. Church steeple growing out of the top of a steep slope. What’s that in the trees? A pair of bald eagles posing; but I don’t have the equipment for that shot. Then for dinner at a Casse Croute, fresh cod-fish burger avec frites, of course.

So after a most wonderful day, we said au revoir  to our friends and continued on HWY 132 to Chantal’s home town of Lapocatiere where we spent a night. The next day we finished up at her brother’s cottage at Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux where we “moochdocked” for two nights. Moochdocking is when you boondock at friends or relatives. Bonus points when you eat their food and drink their wine.


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Down to the river

Road apples

Casse Croute

View of Mt Ste. Anne from Isle d’Orleans

Big truck – small ferry

Mural artist at Pointe-aux-Oies


Sunset at Camp Point-aux-Oies

The ferry to L’Isle-aux-Grues

J, P, C and L




L’Isle-aux-Grues – Banksy?