Carve-turn to carve-turn

We ski

No promises

No demands

We were strong

Love is a mountain

[from “Love is a Battlefield” – Pat Benatar]

These were the first words that stunned me as I was looking through my archives and came upon a cat-skiing trip from many years ago. For you non-skiers (heavan forbid) “cat” is short for “snowcat” which is a tractor-like vehicle taking skiers up into the un-groomed snow-covered mountain wilderness where they can attempt suicide (but have lots of fun doing it).

It’s December now!

Between looking at all the posts on Facebook and thinking about our forthcoming trip to Mont Tremblant, Quebec, skiing has been on my mind gargantuanly lately. So here I sit at my desk on a snowy afternoon in Collingwood (Ontario’s ski country), watching the snow outside, chewing 1 gummie, thinking about all this. Have fun!


Getting ready for the cat

Holly’s in

Hey, can I get in that cat!

Inside the cat

Bye Bye

…and the cat leaves for another ski adventure

Mr. Kool Guide

Into the cat-track! … be careful there!

Into the pow!

Deeper than it looks

Make sure they’re tight

Hurry… we can share my snorkel

Deep powder man


The Ridge

The Ridge, part II

Hey, how did my finger get in there?

Our gang

Can someone get me out of this tree-well? Yes, I will… said Len

Bumps at Red

Rosslyn, BC

Coffee at the bottom

The lone boarder

Taking the easy way down

Mogul Guy

Coffee time

I showed you mine, now can I see yours?


No, they’re not an item

Hey!… I ordered beer and you brought me OJ. WTF!