I’ve been asked if I try to sell my photos, and I always answer “No, I do photography and blogging for fun only'”. It’s like most hobbies, in my case guitar, electronic circuit design, then computer programming, starts out fun, but then with a paycheck comes pressure, self-criticism and stress. I don’t want that with my photography. Oh, I’m supposed to be retired, too.

But have I crossed that line now? I was hired by The Oakville Rotary Club to photograph The Oakville Family Ribfest. Actually, I wasn’t really hired, just asked by a friend, and no money, just a free rib dinner. No, the line has not been crossed.

Another thing about being amateur, doesn’t matter if you screw up. I was trying some of the techniques I learned recently on a course by Len van Brugen  and made a mess more often than not, but so what!

So I had a good time at the ribfest, made some good shots, sent them in to Rotary, washed my volunteer t-shirt to get the rib grease off (ready for next year, I hope), and here are a few of my favourites.

Hope you enjoy. [click on any photo for slideshow]

P_160624_3728P_160624_3804P_160624_3788P_160624_3808P_160624_3833P_160624_3778P_160624_3771 P_160624_3774P_160624_3758P_160624_3859 P_160624_3837P_160624_3805 P_160624_3838 P_160624_3761P_160624_3863