We got Oyster cards for the bus and subway, but when we’re visiting European cities, we prefer the bus, as you see much more. Especially in London, the double-decker buses are great. We actually met a guy from Port Credit on the bus, who’s been living in London for 20 years. He had a funny accent, though.

When I was about 5 years old, in nursery school, at the Normanhurst Community Centre in Hamilton, I learned the song “London Bridges Falling Down”. For my entire life, I thought the Tower Bridge was actually the London Bridge, and I contemplated this often. I was wrong, and I was corrected by the waitress where we had dinner just next to the Tower Bridge. I had to sing the song for her and she knew the song, even though she was from Romania. Like Toronto, London is a very multi-ethnic city, but the immigrants are more easily understood than the natives.

One thing I really noticed about London was the very friendly people. Maybe it’s easier because of the language (they speak English in England). I’ve been told that the people in north England, like Yorkshire, are MUCH friendlier that Londoners, but I have my doubts there, because of the language barrier I’ve experienced from my northerner friends. (I may have started something here 😂😂😂).

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Port Credit guy’s kids on the bus

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Piccadilly Square

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

On the grounds of Buckingham Palace

Speakers Corner at Hyde Park

Speakers Corner at Hyde Park. The guy with the sunglasses was really stirring it up.

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